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Our American-Grown Roses Are The Best

We are able to back up our American roses with a guarantee because we are confident after over 40 years of selling them, that they are the freshest roses you will find anywhere. We guarantee it.

Our American-grown roses will open up for you. So often roses from South America don't open up and bloom all the way. Not so with American roses.

Also, our American-grown roses are more eco-friendly to everyone that works with them. You could say they are "GREEN." They haven't been doused with pesticides that countries outside of the USA allow. Making them more safe for our hands to work with here in the shop, as well as for the growers and harvesters that are working with them.

Always keep in mind the United States Agriculture Department is very watchful of the chemicals used in the production of American grown roses.

Which means the flowers aren't toxic to us or you. In our business we handle these roses everyday and we are confident they will please you & whoever receives them.

If you'd like to learn some more about the process of how flowers come to the marketplace from the growers, we highly recommend the book Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart.

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