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Overstock Flowers

Cheap Flowers in Minneapolis
Buckets of overstock flowers

Fresh Cut Flowers Cheap Prices

Occasionally, we will get in overstock flowers and plants. Not everyday, but sometimes. These aren't top-of-the-line flowers, and don't come with a guarantee, but at these prices they are amazing deals when they are in stock. (See our top-of-the-line wholesale flowers if you are looking for the best)

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Past Overstock Specials:

2 Dozen Roses for $25.00
(a dollar per rose!)

5 Stem Pack of Stargazer Lilies $10.00
(usually retail for $7.95 per stem)

Flowering House Plant $10.00
(usually retail for $24.95)

Only Pay A Little & Get Lots of Flowers

bulk flowers for sale
Buckets of Bulk flowers
It's wild, wacky, and unpredictable because we never know what will come in & unfortunately we can't special order through our overstock.

How You Get Our Overstock Flower Specials

1. Visit our retail store or call us and ask for our Overstock flower deals of the day.

2. See us at Rosedale Mall on Saturday and Sundays (main floor next to Caribu Coffee) 

3. Sign up for our E-newsletter which highlights some special Overstock deals as they arrive
Don't miss our wonderful selection of overstock assorted flowers and plants at below wholesale prices.
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