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Autumn Flowers & Arrangements

autumn flower arrangements
thanksgiving table decoration

Autumn centerpieces create a festive atmosphere

Nothing adds that special sparkle to your gathering like a beautifully crafted flower arrangement. Flowers convey just the right thing.

Flowers can be used to say:
  • I love you all
  • This event is special & important to us all
  • Thank You!
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Do It Yourself Pumpkin Centerpiece

Begin by picking as roundish pumpkin. Cut off the top, scoop out the inside pulp and seeds. Inside the pumpkin, place a plastic paint bucket or any plastic container that fits.

Place a cube of Oasis floral foam inside the container. Press the foam down to make it level, and drench it with water.

Arrange your Autumn flowers, dried leaves, and berries.

We put in dahlia & hypericum berries.

Best Selling Flowers

Orange and yellow rose
Funny Girl Rose