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Wholesale Wedding Flowers

Gorgeous Fresh Cut Wedding Flowers At Wholesale Prices

All you have to do to qualify for our wholesale rates is buy over $150 worth of flowers from us.

You Can Buy Wholesale

We Sell To The General Public, No membership needed. We are the place in the Twin Cities for the Do-It-Yourself bride or floral designer to get wholesale wedding flowers. You can save so much money on your wedding if you buy your wedding flowers in bulk and put them together yourself.

2 Things Brides Need to Buy Wholesale

A minimum order of $150 on wholesale flowers.

We are only able to give out wholesale pricing quotes within 30 days of your event as prices fluctuate too much to do a quote that is more than a month out. (Why waste your time?)

Please only contact us if your event is within 30 days, otherwise we get cranky.

Bulk Wholesale Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flower Consultations

Our consultations are by appointment only. Contact us today & schedule a wedding flower consultation. (763) 784-2532 or Email us

What To Bring To Your Consultation

  1. Visit Us Last
    Shop around before us. Find out what everyone else has to offer. Then see us.

  2. Budget
    Don't waste time. Ours or yours. We will show you the best possible flowers that are within your price range.

  3. Dress Fabric Swatches
    You need to have purchased your wedding dress & your bridesmaid dresses before you make flower decisions. If you haven't yet, then wait to see us until you have. If you are seeking ideas, look around online, then see us.

  4. Pictures
    Look for flowers and bouquets that you are crazy about in magazines and online- tear them out and bring to us. Pay attention to shape, colors, and sizes. We will help you achieve the right look.

    Contact us today. (763) 784-2532 Email us

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How Much Do Our Bulk Flowers Cost?

The cost of flowers varies every day in the floral industry depending on supply, demand, and weather conditions. Another thing to keep in mind is the shipping rates for the flowers.

We are able to sell at bulk prices because we buy directly from flower farms across the nation. No brokers, no wholesale houses. After being in business for over 40 years, we know which flower grower to go to for each of your flower needs.

Each and every flower farm has it's own specialties in the market. We've been buying from some of the same growers for over 25 years!

Our pricing includes all shipping and processing charges for the flowers. We price according to how much you buy. Know too that the shipping and packing costs we incur are less the more that is shipped to us from the grower. Contact us today. (763) 784-2532 Email us

We strongly encourage you to first shop around with other flower sellers, and come to us last.         

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How Soon Do You Get Your Flowers Before Your Wedding?

Unlike most wholesale flower sellers, we fly our freshly cut flowers into our shop a day or two before you need them. (Most wholesale sellers store their flowers for weeks before you get them.) It's obvious why our high quality flowers are better looking and of such vibrant color, as they are so much more fresh than the competition!

All of our flowers are processed and in kept in water as soon as they arrive, so that they are already looking their best when you pick them up.

Contact us today & scheudle your free 15 minute wedding flower consultation. (763) 784-2532 Email us

Just A Few of The Benefits You Get When Buying Wholesale Flowers From Us

  • Save money
  • Peace of mind knowing your flowers will be fresh
  • Support America's economy as 90% of our flowers are from American growers
  • Be Healthier, as our American grown flowers haven't been doused with pesticides & chemicals that countries outside the USA allow
Contact us today. (763) 784-2532 Email us

Alos, we have wonderful Wholesale Wedding Vases

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