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Exotic Tropical Flowers

Tropical Flower Arrangement
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Exotic tropical flowers make an expressive arrangement. A bold beautiful statement. We love working with them, there are so many varieties: Orchids, Birds of Paradise, Pin Cushions, Ginger. All so stunning and Avant Garde.

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With more than 170 species of the Protea family, Banksia is diverse. These Australian wildflowers are easily recognised by their characteristic flower spikes and fruiting "cones" and heads.

When it comes to size, banksias range from prostrate woody shrubs to trees up to 30 metres tall. They are generally found in a wide variety of landscapes, (occasionally) rainforest, shrubland, and some more arid landscapes, though not in Australia's deserts.

banksia flower
Banksia image
Bird of Paradise Flower

Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia)

This majestic flower gets it name from it's unusual colorful petals resembling that of a vivid tropical bird of paradise alighting to the sky from the branch of a tree. It is even grown as a garden plant in warmer climates, like Hawaii.

In South Africa it is known as the Crane Flower.

Dendrobium Orchids in Minnesota

Dendrobium Orchids

Pronounced den-dro-bee-urn

Dendrobiums are just one species of orchid. (There's over 250,000 orchid species and hybrids known.) The Dendrobium orchids have sprays of 10 to 12 delicate flowers on slim stems. The flowers are available in white, cream, magenta, and some even striped.

Dendrobiums come from South East Asia in an area that stretches from Northern India to the islands off the East coast of New Guinea and Australia to Polynesia. They love the heat of the sun as the Equator runs through the middle of this territory

Like most orchids, Dendrobiums are long lasting. (up to 3 weeks or more once cut)


Ginger is a gorgeous flower.


Another plant that is an exotic as they come. The heliconia plant. With vivid colors that scream of the tropical islands.

Buy Protea in Minnesota


It's unique shape and color lend an Avant Garde flavor to floral arrangements, mixing well with many other tropical flowers too. The Protea hails from South Africa where it grows in the blazing heat. It's been brought to the States and is grown in warm places like Hawaii and Santa Barbara.

Protea - Lucedendron

A junior member of the Protea family. Coming in redish, yellowed, or orangish tips.

Protea - Pincushion

A Pincushion Protea is a very unusual looking flower that hails from South Africa. The flower has a rounded head of springy, firm hooks curling upright. Giving it the appearance and name Pincushion.

Fun Fact:
Pincushion Protea requires the smoke from a fire in order to germinate their seed.