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Casket Funeral Flower Arrangements

Funeral Flowers for Casket
Yellow & White Casket Spray Flowers

Flowers assist in creating an atmosphere that is memorable...


Like the people that have affected our lives, making us better by having them around. Flowers mark an occasion as worthwhile, setting it apart in our memory from the day to day of our lives.

Funeral Flowers That Adorn the Casket During the Funeral Service

They are a gorgeous way to symbolize the personality of the loved one being remembered. The flowers can be the favorite colors and flowers of the deceased. At The Flower Shoppe we even enjoy including any special items you'd want to include, such as favorite things the deceased may have liked- such as playing cards or fishing lures.

Get More For Your Money

We pride ourselves on making funeral arrangements that are bigger for less money. To get an arrangement like ours anywhere else would cost at least $50 to $75 more. Which is one of the reasons so many referrals come our way from previous customers.

Funeral Flower Cost Examples

Funeral Casket Flower Sprays, start at $200 and go up from there depending on the flowers utilized

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Casket Flowers for Funeral

Our funeral casket sprays can be delivered to your funeral home anywhere in the Twin Cities area on the same day.

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