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Wholesale Roses

Wholesale Roses
Bulk Roses

Bulk Wholesale American Grown Roses

All you have to do to qualify for wholesale is buy over $150 worth of flowers.

If you or someone you know is planning a wedding, or important event, we recommend our American grown wholesale roses. (90% of all our flowers are American grown!)  The quality found in American grown roses is premium and the most reliable compared to other roses grown anywhere else in the world. 

Take Note

If you're looking for grocery store prices then go to a grocery store. Yes, we sell wholesale. But they are high quality flowers that we personally guarantee.

Two Requirements to Buy Wholesale From Us

A minimum order of $150 on wholesale flowers.

We are only able to give out wholesale pricing quotes within 30 days of your event as prices fluctuate too much to do a quote that is more than a month out. (Why waste your time?)

Please only contact us if your event is within 30 days, otherwise we get cranky.

American Grown Roses

With the American grown rose you may choose the exact colors you want in any color you need within your order at no additional charge. This saves you from having to order large amounts of flowers that you don't need, just to get the colors you want.

You choose the colors and amount of each color you need at no additional cost. That way you can achieve the vision you have for your wedding flowers. Let us help you with that.

Our personable staff will educate you in the best way to handle and care for your flowers.

We are proud that for over 40 years we have supported American growers. And will continue to do so. The quality is superior.

Call us and let's talk about your wedding floral needs
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Here's Just a Few Of Our Unique Rose Varietys...
Our customers in Blaine and Anoka become fiercely loyal in buying their roses from us, not only because of our customer service, but also because of the very unique and different roses we offer. From bright and fun to more sensual and sultry. We have very individual roses for a broad spectrum of tastes. See some of the varietys we offer below and indentify which one you or a loved one would pick as their favorite.

American Grown Roses Are More Green

Always keep in mind the United States Agriculture Department is very strict and watchful of the chemicals used in the production of American grown roses.  Our growers are under very close supervision for all chemicals used.   In our business we handle these roses everyday and we are confident in their safety.
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What You Get When Buying Bulk Fresh Flowers From Us

Our pricing includes all shipping and processing charges of the flowers. We price according to how much you buy. The shipping and packing costs we incur are less the more that is shipped.              

Flower prices in the floral industry change daily based on supply, demand, and weather conditions all around the world.

All of our flowers are processed and in kept in water so that they are already looking their best when you take them home. Call us and we'll discuss all your floral needs
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Call & Order Flowers Everyone'll Love
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Our building used to be a Holiday Gas station, was renovated to be an Asian grocer, and now is our home!
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Customer Testimonials

"Thank you so much for all your help and advice! Our daughter's wedding was beautiful. We had so much fun putting all the flowers together. Thought you'd like to see some photos. Many many compliments on the flowers. Also enclosed $2.00 I owe you for a bucket!"

-Cindy L

"The flowers were absolutely gorgeous, and they smelled so pretty. Thank you very much for the wonderful job."
-Darrin & Cherrish E.

"Just a quick note to thank you for your help & expertise w/the flowers for my wedding. It was very chaotic but turned out beautifully- very pleased w/the high quality, durability + vibrant color. You and your staff were so helpful + so passionate about what you do- really made it a great experience. Thank you all so much Happy Holidays!"
-Natalie & Mike K.

"Thank you so much for helping me with my wedding project. Everything went well. Your awesome"
-David D.

3 Tips To Get The Maximum Time Out Of Your Flowers

1. Recut flower stems & change the vase water daily.
2. Sanitize vase before use. Use bleach, or run through dishwasher. Don't use dish soap as it plugs flower stems.
3. Remove any leaves that will be under water in vase.

Revive a Rose

If a rose should wilt, remove from arrangement, recut stem underwater, then submerge the entire rose in warm water. In 2 hours it should revive.