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Small Mom & Pop Owned Florist in Blaine, MN. Open Over 40 years

Ordering From Our Small Family-run Flower Shop

  • Place your order by phone (763) 784-2532
  • We are a small shop, only 3 dedicated employees, we are blunt, it saves time. 
  • Know that we're going to make you look good!

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Florist's Choice Flower Bouquet

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Florist Choice Flower Arrangments

Our Florist Choice Bouquet is our easiest, yet most impeccable choice yet! Our expert flower designer will hand-make an arrangement with the latest seasonal flowers that fits your needs - all for an affordable price! It's a win-win. The size of the arrangement is a medium-size arrangement. Perfect for a table-top.

Flower Ordering FAQ's

Do I Pick A Photo From Your Website & You Make It?

We can. But we prefer designing flower arrangements that aren't exact copies of our past work. We are artists.

Can I Place My Flower Order Through Email?

Not at this time. We aren't that tech-savy yet.

Can I Email Your Flower Shop At All???

Yes. You can. Email Us

Eeeeeeek! You want me to trust that your shop will make it beautiful?

Yes. Because for over 40 years we've been flower artists who hand-make each flower arrangement. No two are exactly alike.

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