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Wedding Bridal Bouquets

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Sexy Brides maids
Gorgeous Brides maids

We create stunning wedding bridal bouquets

Our floral wedding bouquets are hand-made to order. Whatever your wedding flower needs, from bridesmaid bouquets, hand-tied bride bouquets, to everything in between.

We help all types of brides. From the older bride who is just relieved that she is actually getting married to the younger bridezilla types. We are the place to get the most top quality flowers and product.

We specialize in blunt matter-of-fact customer service, and have been in business for over 40 years.

Must Have's For Your Wedding Flower Ordering

See Us Last
Shop around and see what everyone else has to offer before you sit down with us.

Your budget.

Wedding Dress Swatches
Know what color your bridesmaids dresses are going to be, and bring in a swatch

Photos of Wedding Flowers You Like
Tear out magazine pics or print out one's from the internet.

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    Wedding Flower Prices - 2 Things You Ought To Know

    1. For us to make your bouquets we start at $$$
    2. If you don't care about your wedding flowers, go to a grocery store for your flowers. It will save you money and save us our time

    We strongly encourage our customers to first shop around and come to us last on your list of florists.