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Bizarre & Weird House Plants

We strive to have some unusual, weird, bizarre, and odd plants around our shop at all times. Call today or stop in to see what's available.

Gollum Jade Plant

Gollum Jade

Unlike most jade plants, the leaves of the Gollum Jade are much more thin. Resembling something that you'd find in an ocean more than a forest.

Lithops julii rock plant

Lithops Julii

Lithops julii is a weird plant. You’ll find it growing in the southern region of Africa. It thrives in very hot and dry environments, and if you know a little Greek, you may know why. The plant's name, Lithops, comes from ‘lithos’ which means stone and ‘ops,’ means "like" or "similar to."

Other names for Lithops julii are living stones. Every aspect of the plant is very much like a rock. For instance, most plants are green or have some hint of yellow to them. But, the Lithops are cream, grey, brown in color.

The plant does actually produce flowers. The flowers are similar looking to a daisy; white with long petals and a pale yellow center. These bloom in the fall. If you’re into weird plants that don’t add very much color to a room, you can choose to buy a Lithops and grow it in your home. With enough light and ventilation along with minimal water, these plants do great.

More ugly & weird plants coming soon!


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