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Small Mom & Pop Owned Florist in Blaine, MN. Open Over 40 years

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Top Quality Roses Guaranteed To Last

We back up our top-grade roses with a guarantee! Whatever your occasion we have the best American grown roses in stock to make it extra special. From bright and fun to more sensual and sultry. We have very individual roses for a broad spectrum of tastes.

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We always have tons of roses
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We Serve Hundreds of Loyal Customers Each Year (For over 40 years!)

Our customers in Blaine, Spring Lake Park, and Anoka become fiercely loyal in buying their roses from us.

We provide blunt customer service, and very unique roses.

We've been in business for over 40 years.

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Some of Our Exclusive Rose Colors

Here's a small gallery of some of our roses that we carry in stock. We are able to get in just about any color under the rainbow. From sand colored roses to multi-colored roses with different colored tips.


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Rose Color Meanings

In the language of giving flowers, each individual rose color has a significant meaning

rose colors



Romantic Love



Purity, Reverence

Deep Red/Burgundy


Unconscious Beauty



Appreciation, Thank You



Friendship, Joy

Yellow w/Red Tips


Friendship Turning into Love



Desire, Enthusiasm, Fascination






Enchantment, Love at First Sight

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Why Our American Roses are the Best

American Grown Roses Are more GREEN as they haven't been doused with pesticides that countries outside of the USA allow.

Always keep in mind the United States Agriculture Department is very watchful of the chemicals used in the production of American grown roses.

Which means the flowers aren't toxic to us or you. In our business we handle these roses everyday and we are confident they will please you & whoever receives them.

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Get Last Minute Flowers Fast From Us

We always have loads of Uber-fresh flowers in our walk-in flower cooler. Stop in when you are in a hurry. We'll get them together for you in a jiffy.

Your loved one's will thank you & never know it was a last minute gift!

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Say "I Love You" with roses
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Get loose wrapped roses fast from us

3 Tips to Get Maximum Vase Life Out of Your Flowers

1. Recut flower stems & change the vase water daily.
2. Sanitize vase before use. Use bleach, or run through dishwasher. Don't use dish soap as it plugs flower stems.
3. Remove any leaves that will be under water in vase.

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How to Revive a Wilted Rose

If a rose should wilt, remove from arrangement, recut stem underwater, then submerge the entire rose in warm water. In 2 hours it should revive.


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Rave Customer Testimonial

Betty received a complimentary rose with her purchase. (We give complimentary roses away with each purchase)
Two weeks later she came back carrying the same rose. She declared that she's never had a rose last so long and we needed to take her picture with it.

We pride ourselves on the superior quality of our flowers.


Take time to stop in & smell the roses

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Please stop in our shop and smell the roses